BAYYANATEXPRESS a flexible managerial tool …


  • Modern Administration Capabilities

BayyanatExpress is built as 30+ sophisticated feature and reusable business-composite component ranging from form builder, custom navigation and tabs, supporting different customizable data models, report builder,

  • Email Module

Out-Of-The-Box BayyanatExpress email module add the ability to the users to send coherent emails and information with advanced capabilities such as email templates, mail merge, campaign management, and dynamic emails from the user interface.

  • Automate Document

With few-clicks the power user can automate document creation and generation and the end user can produce reports from pre-built templates with dynamic data.

  • Drag & Drop

Enabling a variety of business scenarios to be composed using the components with no-code required is a matter of click-configure-repeat task reducing the overhead of development time and cost drastically.

  • Data Migration

Data migration process when moving from legacy systems to the new modern world of line of business applications is a tough task, with BayyanatExpress platform, power users can migrate and import massive data from excel or CSV files easily with data fields visual mapping capability.

  • Reminders Engine

One of the frequently used components is the reminders engine, where the end-user can create its own rules based on conditions for any data events.

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  • “Our customers are really impressed by the features and intutitve user experience!. BayyanatExpress gives the control back to line of business managers. The ability to componse smart and complete information system in hours/days without custom development is very powerful and creative”

  • “With BayyanatExpress, I was able to deliver a sophisticated SLAs management system that scale and works with stability and performance, it’s just perfect!”

  • With BayyanatExpress platform, I was able to automate an ICT incubator business processes and operations enabling the customers and investors to collaborate together with no time!